Hargrave Martial Arts Tulsa

Hargrave Martial Arts Tulsa

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Tulsa’s Only Private Self Defense School




Hargrave Martial Arts Systems was born from the idea to help people with little or no experience in the martial arts develop real world self defense skills in six months.

We had so many people coming to us asking for help with a problem they were having right now with stalkers, bullies, threats and intimidation, and there was no where to turn. The old traditional martial arts school or class was not a real option for these people who could not wait a year or more for the needed skills to materialize through standard methods. They needed a unique experience with new ideas and a “combat perspective” to get them tools for self defense in a hurry. 

Carter Hargrave developed his school and founded one martial art, Combat Kempo, and then offered the art of Bruce Lee, Supreme Jeet Kune Do, form his lineage from Lee’s actual school in California.

Hargrave Martial Arts Systems offer something that you just cant get everywhere at any price. Where people with no training can get fight ready in as little as six months, and even shorter periods of time in private lessons with Carter Hargrave. Check out our reviews.

Hargrave Martial Arts Systems Tulsa Oklahoma

Expert Grandmaster 10th Degree Black Belt Carter Hargrave Instructor

We are located in beautiful brookside, and offers classes in Karate and Kung Fu. Classes offered are group and private lessons by appointment.

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